The Need for
Embolic Protection

The number of TAVR and other left-sided heart
procedures is increasing.



During these procedures embolic debris is liberated.


Learn more about the consensus paper published by NeuroARC to better ensure safety of cardiac procedures.


Because of the neurological and cognitive impact
of these “silent” strokes, a solution that captures and removes this liberated embolic debris is required.


The EmblokTM
Embolic Protection System


The first embolic protection system to provide
full circumferential aortic coverage

Captures and removes embolic debris

Conforms to variable aortic anatomies from 25mm to 40 mm in diameter

Thousands of micro-drilled holes (each 110 microns in diameter) allow blood to flow through the membrane filter while collecting liberated embolic material


The only filter with a fully integrated, proprietary, radiopaque 4F pigtail catheter.

Allows for 2 devices (embolic filter and pigtail catheter) to be deployed in a single 11F femoral puncture site

Aids in defining the non-coronary cusp and facilitates precise valve implantation

Reduces the need for unnecessary contrast injections

Features 1:1 torquability to maximize operator control

Our Vision

At ICS, we strive to develop novel solutions that offer full protection from embolic material released during left-sided heart procedures. With our first product, the Emblok Embolic Protection System,
our goal is to improve patient quality of life and lower overall healthcare costs that are associated with embolic risks.